Monday, August 12, 2013

Geo Trip August 11, 2013

We had a lot of driving on this trip. Left Salem around 7:30am and returned home after 10pm.  The main purpose of the trip was hiking to the top of Sand Mountain. Hols and I attempted to visit it last fall but there was already to much snow on the ground to hike up the last 2mil stretch.

The first 129 mile segment of the trip was picking up the Geo Blogger Lockwood and one of Hols past geology students then heading out to Sand Mountain.  At the time of this post the road was in bad shape from a rain storm so 4 wheel drive and high ground clearance came in handy.  You can see the look out cablin on top of Sand Mountain from the spot we parked!

Due to road closures the hike was about 4 miles round trip with with 800' elevation gain and the view was great. The view was nice 360 degree image below.

A little bit above and to the right of the grey sand pit in this photo you can make out the reflection of the sun of off the 4Runner's wind shield.

After our hike back to the truck we drove another 40 miles or so over to Proxy Falls. This was more of a 1.5 mile walk in the woods instead of a hike. After checking out the Falls and noticing that the water was pooling at the bottom Lockwood took us to the outlet few miles West of the falls.

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