Monday, November 30, 2009

Wiley Bear relaxing at home

So we think we've settled on Wiley Bear as a name...but he's also Floppy Bear and Silly

Wiley Bear aka Lucky Number 3...

We were Vegas visiting Hols sisters' family when we got the email from Dane Outreach.

"Little Bear is looking for a Holiday Home. He is just 5 months old and currently in a foster home for the Idaho Humane Society. He is a fawn dane with natural ears and very adorable. Bear is learning crate training, house rules and manners and doing wonderfully. He is good with people, cats and other dogs. Bear is also current on his vaccines, microchipped and neutered."

Considering we wanted a fawn Dane when we got Roscoe, who was a mantle, and the timing was right to bring a new Dane into our home...the decision to adopt this sweet guy was easy.

Here's a pic of Bear on the ride home from Idaho...

We have little history on Bear, he is a rescue dane so there is nothing known about his parents. His rescuer, Susan, volunteers for the Idaho Humane Society and has a special spot in her heart for Danes. A little over a month ago she saw the listing for Bear on Craigs list, "free to good home" so she contacted the seller and picked up Bear. His previous owners were forced to sell Bear as he was not allowed on the apartment lease agreement.

Susan and her husband, JR, make it their job to rescue Danes who need good homes. In the last year they have rescued and placed over 100 dogs!! We are very thankful for the amazing work they do for these special animals. Thanks Susan and guys rock!!!

Here's another from the road...