Friday, January 12, 2007

Jasper Jax Miller
August 22 2004
January 11 2007

After Christmas break Jaspers Addison’s condition got worse. He was euthanized January 11. We are working a proper post so check back in a week. For now you can view Jaspers photo album.

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Eric, Allison & Mariel said...

Hi guys! We tried calling a couple weeks ago, but hadn't heard from you. maybe you were out of town?? I had NO IDEA that Jasper died! Hollie..I'm SO sorry. I wish I had known. Anyway, I hope you're handling it ok. I know how much you love Dane's. Hopefully you can find a new one??? Anyway, write me soon or call us. It's been snowing a lot since we came back from Portland, so we're kind of stuck for now. But the weather is getting better, so hopefully we can connect soon! Love, Allison